If you are the one person who follows my going ons through Twitter you may have noticed an early morning post about a ticket. That’s right, I haven’t purchased anything for Brewfest yet but instead was handed a citation from the Hoover PD. I have to say, the officer who stopped me was VERY kind. I wont go into details but he showed extreme compassion to this poor dolt who was running very late to work this morning. I am cleaning up my act and am reminded to obey all driving laws. I have noticed that while living here I have started to drive like THEM.

By THEM, I mean the locals of course. I wrote something here about how bad the drivers are in Birmingham and now I’ve noticed that I am picking up some of those bad habits. That is not good news. So I am really going to shape up and stop being a dope.

Otherwise nothing new to report. I can only say that this weekend is going to be low key. Next post will be about the vacation ramp up! Tennessee, here we come!