As I wait for the latest patch for Call of Duty 4 I have a quick Blogger tip that is so obvious it hurts.  I was cruising the interwebs wondering “How are these Bloggers adding navigation links and individual pages to their blogs” and began investigating.  Checking out SketchBlog, one of the best designed Blogger blogs I’ve seen, I noticed that each of his “About Me” and “Wallpaper” sub-pages were actually just posts on his site!  You pro-bloggers are grinding your teeth and screaming “Noob” (to which you would be correct).  But I thought it was relivant to share and so simple I thought it might go unnoticed. 

The process of actually making it happened is simple as well.  Create a couple of blog entries  with or without content (you can add it later and can set the post to an earlier date so it doesn’t show up as a recent entry), add a HTML/Text widget to your blog from the layout section and get creative.  I have added a very simple (and incomplete) one to my page.  The HTML is bellow.  I’ll finish it up later.  It looks like COD4 is finished downloading.  Enjoy!

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