That title sound’s negative but the open source Twitter is already seeing the famed Fail Whales. was all the rage on yesterdays tech blogs claiming to be the Twitter killer.  Today brings about timeouts and error messges.In there defense according the there feed on FriendFeed:

I mean goodness, folks. it’s open source version 0.4.1 and @evan have both been up for nearly 24 hours with something like 3x the number of users expected in the first week. They’re doing what looks like a planned or at least anticipated server change. The transparency is amazing. I think the IM stayed up through the change, but there have been DNS propagation issues. Login cookies might not work for a while. – exador23
When you visit the site at it redirects you to  Registering accounts fail (sometimes and attempting to use OpenID errors out.  So the growing pains begin.  I really hope this service pans out and fixes what we all dislike about Twitter.  I knew I should have signed up for an account yesterday!
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