The fact is most of us get board at work. I know I do. The firewall at my place of employment is especially restrictive. So to get around those pesky moments where it blocks a Microsoft forum as an “Adult Website” while researching why the servers are crashing, I turn to my home PC. I know it’s not green but my PC at home stay’s on all the time. I have it running multiple things (torrents, media server, DVD ripper) and I can’t bear for it to be offline and unreachable. I started out forwarding my VNC ports and logging in using that protocol and I still do from time to time. But I got worried that there was no encryption for VNC and I was doing banking and other sensitive things using it.

So I signed up for a LogMeIn account and haven’t looked back since. LogMeIn (LMI) is on every computer I own now. It is so effective at providing me with a home remote log in for my Mac’s and PC’s that is safe and secure and completely done through my web browser. If you need something more advanced they have a paid version but the basic membership is free.

Now from work I can check any website I need to (except YouTube, I don’t get any sound) and I find myself offloading a lot of tasks off of my work computer to home when it get’s bogged down (I have the fourth best machine in the company and it is still less than two gig’s of RAM and slower than hell).

Give it a try.