The last couple of weeks have been an absolute blur.  I have gotten into college without spending any money (yet).  I mean that literally.  I am going to class without paying a dime of my own.  My financial aid paperwork is still in process so I am going to class waiting for the last of my information to process.  The down side to that is I have no books, no supplies, and close to no gas money to get there.  It sucks.  And I still have to pay tuition, bills and get Lucy to a vet visit soon.  So it’s been stressful.  For these reason’s I have not had any time to post here.  And I miss it.  I miss finding fun new things (at least to me) and telling this blank page why I like it and why you might too.  But the Man (and Mom) say’s to get a good job I have to have a piece of paper stating my four years has been spent learning stuff and things.  So school comes first. 

At least work has slowed down!  Nothing is breaking and that is a great thing!  And my personal business has picked up.  I’ve got two computers here I am working on now!  So there is some positive in all of this…it’s just everything has been coming at once and it’s a bit overwhelming.

I have been posting to Twitter still so check there for my latest updates and I’ll try to get back into a schedule here as soon as I can.

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