This is very rough, sorry but this was an email I made for my friend @SlackerMark as he is brand new to Twitter and FriendFeed.  As I typed it up I thought it might make an OK blog post. 

 Here is my uber list of people in no particular order to follow on Twitter.  They will make your life a more meaningful existence, or something like that: Cause if you don’t he will choke you with the Force one of the Twitter founders another Twitter founder News and humor in the tech world CNN – NEWS duh Scobleizer is a huge tech guy and social media fan find him on FriendFeed too it’s what you are using so follow it Tech/social media news Michael Arrington – if you don’t know who he is, your not into tech Remember Weasly Crusher from Start Trek…well he grew up and now is an uber nerd The guy with a bunch of tech books…yeah that O’Reilly Monty Python funny man PC funny man yes…the former vice president yes…the president-elect.  He hasn’t made an update since he won the election but the next post will probably cure cancer another funny man from SNL tech blogger who lives in Portland and works for Intel very smart man in social media and in general More tech news, very personable My friend Kase…he rarely updates but follow him to make him feel better Go look at his blog and adventures!  really worth it!

You can find most of these people on friend feed as well so if you want to follow them there you can.  Here are a couple that I follow there: she usually posts something thought provoking Darren Rose a blogger in Australia, very good some dude tech dude weird but interesting dude more scoble more arrington programmer

FriendFeed also has rooms which usually feature conversations about topics or locations rather than people’s individual feed. This is my room Good one if you want to bitch about friendfeed Yes it’s about Apple, but think of it as cross training! Movies and someones opinion of it About blogging and social media About tech, blogging, and social media Very cool site that features (normally) free Windows, Mac, Linux, and web apps some guy more tad

Because both of these sites have opened their API’s for the world to program there are many programs that let you access these websites from a desktop app.  I recommend trying first.  It’s a better twitter client than anything else.  Friend Feeds website is so good you really will want to use it over the app.  But twitter is nice to pull updates to the desktop.

Since you like using and (I assume) pay for text messages, you can interact with Twitter via SMS.  Check out their help pages for more, as I never use it in this manner but it looks interesting!  Also look into Friend Feeds Imaginary Friends which lets you add people who are not using FF to still appear in your FF stream.  For example, my friend @CamaroSS is on Twitter but not FF so I created an imaginary friend of @CamaroSS in FF and now his Twitter updates appear in my FF stream, even though he has never signed up for a FF account.  Pretty cool!

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m tired, that was a lot of typing.  Time for some food.  Hit me up as I am on Twitter constantly @bmbufalo.  It’s crack I tell you!